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Blue Man Group (Rescheduled from 06/07/2020, 5/23/2021)

Sun, Jul 10 2022 at 1:00pm
Fox Theatre Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

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Integrity Driven Sales: We personally guarantee that tickets purchased through us will be valid at the gate. Further, if a show is cancelled or postponed, you will have the option of a full refund or similar/same tickets for a revised date. As a small business local to Toronto, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service - if you have questions before you buy, including enquiries as to the face value of any tickets, please simply call us. If you decide to buy from us, then the price you see is the price you pay, in CDN dollars, plus HST only – and reasonable shipping rates, if required.

* Section Row Quantity Price Notes  
GLB T $140.00 ea full vaccination required to sit in this section, masks required TMX XFER Buy Tickets
GLA R $165.00 ea Buy Tickets
GRB S $230.00 ea Buy Tickets
GRB R $245.00 ea Buy Tickets
SRB O $265.00 ea Buy Tickets
ORCHESTRA LEFT MM $290.00 ea Buy Tickets
ORCHCT F $290.00 ea xfer TMX XFER MOBILE ENTRY Buy Tickets
ORCHESTRA RIGHT OO $305.00 ea Buy Tickets
ORCHLC J $310.00 ea XFER Buy Tickets
DRB J $315.00 ea Buy Tickets
DRA K $355.00 ea Buy Tickets
LRF EE $430.00 ea Buy Tickets
ORCHR AA $480.00 ea Buy Tickets
ORCHRC AA $520.00 ea Buy Tickets
ORCHR N $595.00 ea Buy Tickets
ORCHLC T $685.00 ea Buy Tickets